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Luna the Unicorn

Luna the Unicorn

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Hand-crocheted out of 100% acrylic yarn with 100% polyester fiber fill, Luna the Unicorn is the perfect companion to the picturebooks Luna is Afraid of Storms and Luna has Nothing To Do. Luna stands approximately 14″ tall (35 cm).

Luna the Unicorn is afraid of storms. She hides at the first sign of a storm, covers her ears, closes her eyes, and waits until it passes. Luna imagines all sorts of horrible things happening during the storm until one day, all of that changes.

Astraphobia, an extreme fear of thunderstorms, can be debilitating at times. Most children outgrow their fear of storms, but until that happens, every dark cloud can cause anxiety and fear. Luna is Afraid of Storms is a great book to help children come to terms with their own fears or unease when it comes to storms alongside Luna as she does the same (book available at

Reading a book in and of itself is a great way to stay occupied, but Luna has Nothing to do will spark your child’s imagination, suggesting wonderfully fun ideas he or she can do to stave off boredom while staying inside (book available at


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